SAINT AIDAN                                                                                                                  

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC CHURCH                                                                                            

2756 Swaine Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3L 3R5
(see map)

Welcome to our Parish home page. We invite you to come to St. Aidan's and share with us as we worship and glorify God.

If you are looking for a small loving community that truly makes you feel a part of the Body of Christ, where the traditional liturgy is reverently celebrated and the teaching is biblical and orthodox, we hope you'll consider our parish.

We believe that in the Holy Scriptures, the Catholic Creeds, the Lord's Sacraments, and the Apostolic Succession, the essential nature of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is faithfully preserved, and through them the Catholic Religion is faithfully practised.  Saint Aidan's mission is to worship God, to live in Christ's love, and to offer that love to a fallen world.

O holy Bishop Aidan, Apostle of the North and light of the Celtic Church, glorious in humility, noble in poverty, zealous monk and loving missionary, intercede for us sinners that Christ our God may have mercy on our souls.



The Anglican Catholic Church is the Canadian Province of the Traditional Anglican Communion.  "Anglican" simply means "English" in Latin. Our branch of the Catholic Church is as old as the Roman Catholic branch and nearly as old as the eastern catholic, or Orthodox branch of the universal Church. Legend suggests that Joseph of Arimathea brought the catholic faith to England and that Aristobulus was consecrated the first Anglican bishop by Saint Paul before St. Peter reached Rome.

Historic documents list three Anglican bishops as in attendance at the Council of Nicea in 325.

In 596 the Bishop of Rome, Gregory the Great, saw fair-haired, blue-eyed slaves on display in a Roman market. He asked where they were from, and when he was told about the British Isles, he instructed St. Augustine of Canterbury to travel to England to bring the Christian Faith. Imagine the surprise of St. Augustine when he arrived to discover the Anglican Church firmly established with cathedrals, monasteries, parish churches, and a valid apostolic succession of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

Our jurisdiction was formed in 1977 by Anglican bishops, clergy, and faithful to preserve traditional Anglo-Catholic doctrine and forms of worship in the face of rampant changes in liturgy, morality, and Order, by liberals within the Church, which threatened the historic Apostolic Succession. 

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The TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN COMMUNION has dioceses and parishes in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, France, Zambia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Japan, Central and South America, the Torres Straits and Australia. We are in full communion with the Forward in Faith parishes of the Church of England and the Episcopal Church of the United States of America . By preserving the faith once delivered to our fathers, the jurisdiction has ensured the continuation of the Anglican expression of the Catholic Faith.   





The Parish of Saint Aidan is rich in catholic tradition and evangelical witness. The Book of Common Prayer (1962) is used at all services of public worship. The Eucharist is a moving, reverential, and uplifting experience for all who attend.


  Service Times


Sung Mass (1962 BCP):  11:00 AM

Said Mass (1962 BCP): 7:00 PM

Red Letter Feast Days:
Mass (1962 BCP): 7:00 PM

Confessions: by appointment


We warmly welcome new parishioners and families and we offer an excellent Sunday school, and nursery.

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We Would Love To Hear From You !

The Rt. Rev. Craig Botterill, Q.C.

Rector and Bishop Ordinary (Diocese of Canada East)
Telephone and Fax: (902) 444-5326


A few of our less bashful parishioners . . .

. . . and our trusted servers

the "staff"

Catholic Faith

Apostolic Order

Sacramental Worship

Evangelical Witness

We would love to have you join our growing parish family. We extend a sincere, heartfelt welcome to all.


Read the Document which created our jurisdiction:

The Affirmation of St. Louis


The Christian Counter




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