Welcome to our Parish home page. We invite you to come to St. Aidan's and share with us as we worship and glorify God.

If you are looking for a small loving community that truly makes you feel a part of the Body of Christ, where the traditional liturgy is reverently celebrated and the teaching is biblical and orthodox, we hope you'll consider our parish.

We believe that in the Holy Scriptures, the Catholic Creeds, the Lord's Sacraments, and the Apostolic Succession, the essential nature of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is faithfully preserved, and through them the Catholic Religion is faithfully practised. Saint Aidan's mission is to worship God in the Anglican tradition, to live in Christ's love, and to offer that love to a fallen world.

"O holy Bishop Aidan, Apostle of the North and light of the Celtic Church, glorious in humility, noble in poverty, zealous monk and loving missionary, intercede for us sinners that Christ our God may have mercy on our souls."
Photo of service.